Rediscovering God’s Grand Story

Well, the book is out today. It’s available on my publisher’s website, at Wipf & Stock, It’ll be available on other outlets soon, including Amazon and Logos Bookstore in Dallas. I’ll be announcing a book signing at Logos Bookstore in Snyder Plaza soon.

I hope you find the book helpful and that it will stimulate fruitful discussions.
God Bless, Jim

Rediscovering God’s Grand Story, by James Roseman, is 20% off every day at

Civility, Consensus, Constructivism-Peter Leithart

To grasp our current moment, you need to read Peter Leithart’s blog from this week, “Civility, Consensus, Constructivism,” at First Things

For an expanded essay on similar themes, see my Deeper Reflections Spurred by Charlottesville_James M. Roseman.